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♥Your like an addiction I need to hold

I look into your eyes and I dont wanna let go... I need a remedy.♥

♥addicted to life♥
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Rules are plain and simple. To get into the community, do an entree and explain your addictions. You can be cocky, never any harm in it. Have fun in the community and dont be uptight.

Dont come into this community and be-
Bossy, Judgemental, Rude, Mean, Hateful, Crude, Poison, Evil, or anything else that sound like the things that were just stated. This is a journal for people who have addictions to things, not a place to judge them for it.

If thats why your here... FUCK OFF

Owners= _bliss_sweet_rebelion_


In This Journal you will find
Life. Love. Drama. Sex. Drugs. Alcohol. Emotions. Fighting. Inner turmoil. Shallowness. Pictures. Dorkness. Tantrums. Crying. Laughing. Lying. Truth. Scares. Hatred. Wounds. Lost friendships. Oxymorons. Cussing. Rage. Stress. Threats. Trinkets. Scars. Ranting. Emo. Happy. Sad. Mad. Bad. True. Hate. Acceptance. Mistakes. Caring. Breakdowns.
In This Journal you will find Addiction
I promise It's not that complicated.